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Drawing – the most inexpensive art



Drawing is one of the most inexpensive hobby. Drawing requires only some materials that are readily available with all of us, such as – pencil (charcoal or ink can be used for shading), clean paper, cloth, eraser. With only these materials and your creative imagination you can create a masterpiece

Pencil :- Pencil is used to make an outline sketch of the subject. Pencil of variant grades are used for different purposes. Such as 2B can be used for sketching 3B is used for light shading 4B, 5B are used for dark shading HB or 1B can be used to create sharp and fine lines

The H – 6H pencils are harder and leave a lighter line. These will also work well for lightly sketching in your composition. A 2H pencil with a light hand leaves a barely visible mark. This allows you to map everything out without having to go back and erase and construction lines. Working from light to dark with help you avoid erasing and leave you with a more cohesive drawing.

(charcoal and ink can be used for shading) :- It gives much darker impression than a pencil shading.

Clean paper :- This paper may be used for drawing. Remember to look for the right kind of paper for the medium you are using. If you are planning to use graphite only then a smooth harder paper works best (Bristol is a good sturdy paper). Inks require different paper depending on the tool that you use. If you are using a nib tipped pen or a ball point you will need a smooth hard paper (again Bristol is a good choice). If you plan on using just a brush a sized paper will work best. Water color paper is good choice. If you want to use both nib and brush a Hot Press Water Color paper will work well for both tools. Charcoal requires some tooth. Unlike pencils, charcoal has little (in the case of compressed charcoal) to no (vine charcoal) binder so it will not stick as well to a smooth surface. There is a huge array of charcoal/pastel papers to choose from. Finding the kind that you like will take some searching. To begin with a pad of Rough Newsprint will work until you are ready to move on to the nicer (and more expensive) fine art paper.

Cloth :- A cloth wrapped on a finger can be used for broader shading and to smudge lines and curves.

Eraser :- An eraser can be used for lightening any point on a drawing, so as to make it brighter than surrounding part. There are a few different kinds of eraser and it is important to get the proper eraser for the medium. The Pink eraser is the same kind that is found on a standard yellow pencil. They work well for erasing light marks, but be aware that as they age they will harden and leave pink smudges on the paper. The Plastic or White eraser is a good all purpose eraser. It can easily and cleanly remove light and dark marks. It removes both graphite and charcoal. It is flexible and with an a sharp knife or razor blade you can carve the eraser into a delicate point.

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