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‘Features – Learn to Enjoy Portraits & Figures with Paul Taggart’


Portraits and figure paintings are central to Artist & Author Paul Taggart’s work as a collected Professional Fine Artist and tutoring people in how to enjoy painting portraits and figure is also Paul’s passion.

Viewers will soon recognise that enthusiasm and will benefit from over forty years of Paul’s experience spent sharing his knowledge and traditional techniques through his fourteen books and hundreds of online video tutorials.

As with all of Paul’s tutorials, the sixteen specific lessons and three Problem Solvers in this pick’n’mix box-set are packed full of helpful hints and tips and illuminating facts that will encourage you on this journey into the world of painting portraits and figures.

Nothing is held back, as Paul takes you right back to the basics on the various Features that make up the human head – for as he explains, to fully enjoy the rewarding experience of painting figures, or portraits, you do need the bare facts; for how else would you know what to do to correct something that is going wrong – or for that matter know when something is going right.

But this set of tutorials is so much more than that, for each video provides detailed instruction on how to paint and draw.

You will also learn about brush and pencil strokes, about colour mixing and paint loading, about creating volume and depth, about light and shade, about a variety of techniques.

So throw away those preconceived ideas that painting figures and portraits is difficult; it is no more difficult than painting a landscape or a still-life – it is all a question of being shown how to approach the subject.

Sadly this is an area that many avoid, which is a pity, for it is to deny themselves a hugely rewarding painting experience.

As with all of our online videos, we are mindful of our worldwide audience and have priced these videos at the lowest possible price, making them available for rent or to buy outright.

Best wishes for your painting and welcome to the world of portraits and figures, from Eileen and Paul

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