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How to do glass painting..

  1. Sunita Khanna says

    So beautiful glass painting. Superb.

  2. Reehana Qadari says

    hi I want to learn glass painting.

  3. Pooja Bhuva says

    where do i get glass

  4. Pooja Bhuva says

    and design sheet also pls rply

  5. Pooja Bhuva says

    ok thnx

  6. Sheetal Mordani says

    thanks for sharing loved it

  7. nijin p says

    thanks alot i will start it from tomorrow

  8. Samema Sultana says

    Please let me know is it waterproof?

  9. Arjun Korath says


  10. Harish Gupta says

    this hobby give me peace

  11. shaheer ahmed says

    can you please make another glass paint in easy way

  12. shaheer ahmed says

    and you are awosome and fantastic

  13. Nasreen D says

    sooooooo beautiful

  14. Manisha Deodhar says

    tysm for vdo, do we need to reverse d painting side while doing d frame for it?

  15. Saira Ajaz says

    could it b done with oil paints too ?

  16. Sanjiv Choudhary says

    Which paints did you use.

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