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How to draw scenery of Autumn season Step by step (very easy)

  1. Samin Ahamed says

    draw every village character easy way

  2. Lina ferdous says

    I subscribed

  3. avira tanha says


  4. Dula export Import company says


  5. Momotaj Begom Mashud says

    thank you very very much

  6. Momotaj Begom Mashud says

    apu please late autumn season please

  7. log out says

    apu tumi ki Rong use koro?? Rong ar name ki??

  8. Shormi Ali says



    very beautiful.pls name d company of colors u HV used

  10. Gazi Md. Shaheenul Islam says

    thank you apu

  11. Anamika Bhadoria says


  12. Imam Khan says

    you are beter arts.

  13. Monalisa Nayak says

    I also subcribe and please make more videos

  14. Sabbib Alam says

    sound den kivabe?

  15. Thaminna Begum says


  16. Sabekunnahar Julia says

    very very very nice

  17. Md. Hosain Monsur Bhuiyan says

    very nice and marvellous.

  18. Nadia Ruhul says


  19. Sky Blue says

    woaw butiful nice good good luck good job.

  20. Aqsa Nasir says


  21. Geet bharti says


  22. panna saiful says

    apu its a amazing , beautiful and goody drawing

  23. Khadijatul Kobra says

    apnr drawing r hat knob e valo…Masha Allah…allah apnak aro Sandor Kore drowing korar towfiq dan korok…khob e monomogdho ami apnar drowing dekhe apu

  24. Meena Bora says

    are you Bangladeshi or indian

  25. Munawar Hussain says

    wow awesome

  26. Munawar Hussain says

    i like your video

  27. Munawar Hussain says

    i subscribd

  28. madhavi smita says

    super…i like this drawings…

  29. Meena Bora says

    I am your big fan from India and I love drawing

  30. Hindi songs says

    mast hai yaar

  31. Hindi songs says

    tiger shroff ka bana na please

  32. Anwara Parvin says

    Apni ki colour use koren?

  33. RF WORLD says

    ami sottie jete chai amn kno jaygay jkhane kno sara sobdo nei lokaloy ney jhogra nei osanti nei jekhane alo adhar bristy rod kash ful khola mat sobuj khet akabaka nodi jar ses ta hobe roktim surher buke jekhane duuuuuuuure takale dekha jabe tal gach guli nuiye ache akash andhokar korse brirty asbe bole jkhane nodi te ak ta dinghi nowka badha ache ami chailei setai choere bristy te vije vije sobuj mat meghla akash r batase helano tal gaser pata guli dekte pabo jekhane batase tip tip bristyr fota guli amr chokh mukh ga alto choya diye bole jabe
    ,,,,tmi to ak Borsha ami amr borshar pani diye tmk notun kore diye gelam,,,,,,,Borsha,,,
    I β™₯ U R+B

  34. Sahithi Prakash says

    woww..farjana..beautiful art..loved it..subscribed too..

  35. anilakhan ani says

    very nice.

  36. uzma tabassum says

    awesome yar…. I lik it ….😍😍😍😍

  37. Dont Know says

    veryyyyy nice video…. well done & go ahead farjana apu…i liked & subscriberd your channel…..

  38. dreamer bird says

    it's nice ,

  39. Aminul Islam says


  40. Aksha Nika says

    apu, u are my drawing helper…!! Apni jdi amr drawing teacher hoten….tahole ar kono kotha..e….chilo na…πŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒπŸ˜ƒ

  41. Shamim BD says

    ay video slow vabe ki kore dekhbo kon soft diye??? mx player ki hobe???

  42. Lutfun Nahar says

    apu celebrating eid neye 1 ta draw lagbe. R sheta jeno 15 minute e akya jay.R jeno shetate human figure thake.

  43. Nahida Akter Ema says

    Really awsome.

  44. Mushfique ur Daiyan Arpon says

    nice . thank you

  45. Rakhi Chakraborty says

    I am drawing your every art.and thank you very much

  46. mangesha kamble says

    Very good for beginners

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