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How to draw scenery of mountain Step by step (very easy)

  1. Ummehani rotna says

    wow.apu nice. apu sohid menar plz. very soon. so much important. OK

  2. Ummehani rotna says


  3. Ummehani rotna says

    আপু নদীর scenery plz. so much argent

  4. Pallavi Yadav says

    I love it so much

  5. Abir Hossain says

    very good i subscribed it lease draw clash of clan game scenery for me.i am in class 6.

  6. Lemon Green says

    This is so amazing I liked the way you do it

  7. Ramesh Singh says

    i like this picture i selected this picture to do my project i got my drawing same like u

  8. tofazal bd says

    colour with oil pastels

  9. Sohel sohel says

    do you have any organization to teach children?

  10. Salman Nabiel says

    আপু এটা আমি এঁকেছি আমি কিন্তু এক্তা মেয়ে

  11. yash godhani says

    which. colour is use.

  12. yash godhani says

    which. colour is use.

  13. yash godhani says

    which. colour is use.

  14. Anima Kutum says

    nices drawings i love them 😕😕🙂

  15. ROZA QADAR says


  16. Munny Tinny says

    আপনার ছবি আঁকা অনেক সুন্দর হয়। আপু আপনি যে রং টা দিয়ে আর্ট করেন সেই রং টার নাম বলবেন PLEASE.

  17. Munny Tinny says

    Bolar jonno "thanks "….😁😁😁

  18. Harshit Verma says

    water colour s kese Sade krenge

  19. Manish Bihani says


  20. raj rai says

    i love your art.
    very much

  21. Yhrtr 0987654567890543232 says

    شايء جميييييل جدن روعة

  22. Mahroof Fahim says

    very nice

  23. Pratham Patil says

    beautiful painting

  24. Inderjeet Sjngh says

    mere test me 1st aii thankuuuu

  25. Inderjeet Sjngh says

    Very beautiful and nice

  26. Rub Chauhan says

    woww it is so beautiful. I like the way of colouring 😘😘😘

  27. afrinm mitu says

    what is the name of your colour pencil

  28. Sabbib Alam says


  29. MALTI RATHOD says

    nice one

  30. Abdur Rahman says

    oooo ai bapar apu hmmm

  31. Fahim DX blogs says

    I also draw like you

  32. Tasnim Jahan says

    your all drawing is so beautiful 😍

  33. Rubina Rahim says

    You make it look so easy but it's not that much😂👌😍

  34. Ayesha Abu Baker says

    soooooo. ..amazing. …which pencil colour you used……

  35. motiar rahaman mollah says

    wander full

  36. Gandhi Sir says

    wow that's nice

  37. Rj fahad says

    pencil othba titi colur dile hobe ki?

  38. Soumia Ls says

    you are amazing

  39. Anika tasmin says

    how to draw a birthday cake ?

  40. Foker Fool says

    I am learning

  41. Bedijaiswal Bedi1975 says

    I love your drawing

  42. firoz mia says


  43. Imam Hasan says

    apnar drawing onek nice mone vore jay

  44. Manoj Pareek says

    nice draw beautiful

  45. Chandra Thakuria says

    your drawings are owsam

  46. Princes Angela 360 says


  47. Tito Norislam says

    ai drowing academy ta kothay

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