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How to draw village scenery with oil pastel

  1. priyanshu singh says

    very nice

  2. Rj fahad says


  3. jamina hassan bhuiyan says

    I can draw very nice to see the video thanks

  4. jamina hassan bhuiyan says

    change your profile pic

  5. Loby Heng says

    which colour should we choose?

  6. Suborna Tania says

    Apu oil pastle korar jonno thanks amnio apner drawing very very nice

  7. Ganesh Kundar says


  8. md eaishin says


  9. Amir Anna Goma says

    draing very nice tamil theriuma ungaluku

  10. Md Simon 22 says


  11. u moung khing says

    your all scenery is very beautiful.I love it. and thanks. I want to see water color and collage drawing.

  12. dinesh kannan says

    1000 times like

  13. Gogi Arts says

    Great work.. i also love and create these type of content…

  14. Mahima Sharma says

    pls make some water color paintings also….this one was too nice

  15. Risa No says

    Verify good💙💙😍😍😘😘😘

  16. Allana Rusdi says

    keren bagat

  17. rd shanto says

    Farjana appi apni ki magic janen.. khivhabe ato shundor kore art koren…
    onek vlo lage agulo dhekte

  18. Md jewel says

    so so nice.awesamw 😙😙😙😘😘😘😚😚😚😚😍😍😍

  19. Padma P says

    nice 😄 drawing

  20. Suhana Ansari says


  21. Mukmin Haji says

    bagus sih tapi pakai pola

  22. Sabbib Alam says

    apni akai 100

  23. Sweety Sweety says


  24. pavan vikas says

    thanks a lot

  25. sony rao says

    super l will also try

  26. R Stils says

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  27. Rajalakshmi shammy says

    nice picture 😀

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