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how to make paper bag

  1. FISH PLANET says

    nice handbag

  2. DEEU Dhankuta says

    how much does this paper bag costs?

  3. nidhi Baheti says

    Could you please tell me the size of the paper and what kind of paper is this?

  4. Nayab Khan says



    it heip me to do my holiday homework

  6. Sahira Miya says

    thanks aunt you give me idea

  7. syed ali says

    Its so convent and easy ๐Ÿ™‚

  8. sheela saini says

    very helpful to me thanks for making it

  9. rmailani80 says

    not at all helpful

  10. Sakshi Jazor says

    what type of sheet is it?

  11. Dhawa Lama says

    excellent paper art mamm

  12. MarichWorld Group says

    wow the simplest i've seen so far
    thank for sharing

  13. Richa Arora says

    It's really easy. Thank you

  14. Richa Arora says

    It's really easy. Thank you

  15. Richa Arora says

    It's really easy for my project. Thank you

  16. raju samadhia says

    thnku its very helpful for my brothers project

  17. sarojini sarojini says


  18. Thasni Thamji says

    it's so helpful thanks such a tutorial

  19. Akankshya Mishra says

    very nice video I'll try it๐Ÿ˜Š

  20. Akankshya Mishra says

    thanks hobby classes

  21. Noor Kaur says

    Very very nice๐Ÿ‘Œ. but which paper is this

  22. Nitin Srichakri says

    helpful for my sis project

  23. preeti sharma says

    fabulous mam it is beneficial for my daughter's summer assignment

  24. Bramhadeo Updhayaya says


  25. Jaskaran Singh says

    v gud

  26. Althaf Jukaku says

    is ka raw metirial sub kaha se purchase kar sakte hai?

  27. M J Muthukrishnan Janakiraman says

    hi mam what type of papers you are using for this mam… i cant understand the type of paper you said in this video

  28. Kirtee Kumari says

    so helpful video ma'am thank you but can you help me what is this texture sheet or paper?

  29. Syed Imtiaz says

    wow awesome

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