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New Hour Long Painting Lessons & Patreon!!



From now on I will be releasing multiple hour long painting lessons each month over on Patreon!! I’m so happy to be able to finally bring this to you. I think it will be a lot of fun for all of us to explore more complex paintings, compositions and layering techniques.

If you have any questions please let me know, I’m here to help 🙂


  1. Ryan O'Rourke - Artist says

    I decided to re-make my Patreon video for a couple of reasons. The first being that I made new hour long lessons that I want to share with you 🙂 The second being that I had a pretty bad fever when I made the first video and well.. You could tell lol So anyways, I hope that you’re excited about all of the new content, the first month went great and I already have a lot of exciting ideas for future tutorials.

    P.S. I will still be posting the 10 minute lessons every Saturday so you don’t have anything to worry about!
    P.S.S. Thank you to everyone who has already supported the channel over on Patreon, your support means the world to me 🙂

  2. Lord Razoun says

    sweet man. ur stuff is the best

  3. Anisha A. says

    Cool! 😄 I watch you and Bob Ross so much lol 😂

  4. Rewind Remix NCS says

    great video

  5. Colinda Koopmans says

    Are you just posting 10 minute paintings on youtube or will you be placing some 1 hour paintings aswell? I so love your works, but my budget is not to big. Thanks for the lovely paintings you shared already. Big thumb up!

  6. Luka _ says

    Thank you so much for posting these awesome tutorials! I kinda got a painting addiction starting because of them xD Also, you're cat is really cute

  7. Gail Briggs says

    I went to patreon.com and couldn't find you…can you put up a link here? Thanks!

  8. Scott says

    Hahahahaha you are just adorable lol

  9. Manuela Herr says

    I like you now even more since I know you are having a cat! I used to have two cats but my oldest died two years ago cause of bloodcancer and my'youngest', he was ten we had to release on Easter Monday! Aortisthrombosis had lamed his back legs and they were alredy cold when we got to the animal doctor! I miss him so much! He used to sleep right beside me on the couch when I was painting! since that day I have not been able to pick up a brush and paint again! Do you have any advice for me, though you are a cat Lover like I am? I love painting, it helped me a lot, but now … I am thankful for any advice from you! Luv your channel! ♡♥♡♥ Greetings and love from Germany and me, Manuela

  10. Cazz_ says

    I have a question for you Ryan. Now I understand that if you were to subscribe right now you would get those 4 different hour long lessons. Do you get to keep those 4 lessons permanently or will that eventually disappear on your next rotation of releasing a new set of one hour lessons? I'm just wondering out of curiousity with how this works because it would be nice to have these to go back on when practising or needing a reminder down the road if you wanted to re attempt those lessons again to see what has improved from the last time you've done it (I do this with my drawings where I'll find something I've done a year ago and re draw it again to see what has improved and what not).

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