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Painting a Large Sunset Beach Wave Landscape with Acrylics in 15 Minutes!


Today we paint a large beach wave during sunset in fewer than 15 minutes! This is a real time acrylic landscape painting tutorial.

Primary Blue (By: BASIC)
Titanium White (By: BASIC)
Primary Red (By: BASIC)
Primary Yellow (By: BASIC)
Black (By: BASIC)

Large round headed brush
Medium square headed brush (Artists Loft)
Small square headed brush (Artists Loft)


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  1. Aizakku Rem says

    its been a long time since i had stop painting. seeing your channel really makes me want to paint again. your works are fantastic.

  2. jerzeyzgirl03 says

    I love painting beaches!! Thanks for sharing

  3. snowsick says

    Wonderful lessons, very instructional, encouraging and fun! I enjoy them so much and they definitely are inspiration for my painting studies. Very grateful indeed.

  4. Carole Young says

    I always enjoy 😊 your paintings 😊 thank you

  5. Hadas A says

    Excellent explanations!😊 you're the best🎨

  6. Victoria Fortunato says

    Einfach nur schön!!!!!!!! Dankeschön

  7. Reinalie Jorolan says

    beautiful! thank you so much for this.

  8. angela maxwell says

    Thank you so much Ryan this makes so much scents to me !!!! Thanks for sharing your great talent,I will share you!👍🎨🌈🎃

  9. Jodi Ceason says

    Ryan, I love these 10-15 min paintings. Of course they take me much longer but I learn sooo much! Please keep them up!

  10. Eddie Diaz says

    fantastic!! these 10min super fast painting tutorials are the best! of course like another comment on here I too take like double the time you do haha.

  11. kalyani Shah says

    These 10 minute paintings really help me to paint without any fear . Thanks a lot ! please do more of them.

  12. Marje Macmillan says

    I love this and wNt to try it Thanks Ryan

  13. Lucy Markey says

    What size of canvas do you use?

  14. Isabella M. says

    Wow, I learned a lot! I painted the space or nebula along with you. I look forward to painting this wave scene as well.

  15. David Rose says

    I've changed to small canvas boards after watching a few of these. They're cheap and no curling like paper. I also like the size as it's easier to stay focused. I'm new to acrylic but have been painting watercolor for a few years. Are you using light body or heavy body paint? I'm still trying to figure out how to use them properly. I'm also new to using mediums. Do you have any tips or other videos that cover these? I'm sure your focus on the 10 minute paintings doesn't go into those for a reason. I'm loving the series btw. Thank you for the reminder on the like. Great videos! Beautiful work!

  16. Helen DeNoia says

    love this painting

  17. Catherine Lampman says

    Loving your 10 minute paintings. What size canvas are you using?

  18. Afshan Khan says

    hi, fabulous
    can u plz guide color mixing to make these color for beginers.

  19. Denise Meguro says

    thankyou for explaiNing so well love following along muahh

  20. nrkssharps says

    I love to work on your tutorials for painting Ryan, I have severe rheumatoid arthritis. My hands are crippled and painting is what I love. I used to paint when I was younger, but now I paint with you. I have to watch you on you tube, and I try very hard because your teaching is easy and very helpful. Even though the pain hurts my hands, painting really is therapeutic for me. Thank you for posting your paintings so that you can help someone with art. Thank you once again.

  21. Michelle Grace says

    These sweet paintings are great for seeing what the essentials are. I like when you are describing your thought process and the painting basics that move your thinking. In particular, I like when you show your palette and mixing with your brushes. I would love to learn how to use less paint and not over do each painting. It helps to observe how you do that. Thanks!

  22. Vikki Dimattia says

    Love to watch you work. You give me hope that I can do it too! Wondering how you know when you're done tho…..I tend to keep thinking there's more I should add and fearing that if I do I'll overwork it. I find this stressful!

  23. Christen Mangeot says

    im currently in the middle of moving but i cant wait to get my craft room set up so i can try to do thia

  24. Cheryl LeBlanc says

    Great! What are you painting on and what size? Thanks and love your work and videos! When you say square headed brush do you mean a flat brush?

  25. MamiPlaysMC says

    i really love your 10 minute paintings 😍

  26. linda meanbean says

    oh duh i didnt know you had 15 mins paintings soooo cool

  27. Christine Riddell says

    I really enjoyed this video, so thank you from me :-):-)

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