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Painting an Underwater Seascape and a Whale with Acrylics in 10 Minutes!


Today we paint an underwater seascape with a large silhouetted whale, bubbles and reflections in just about 10 minutes! This is a real time acrylic landscape painting tutorial.
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You can find my book on the essentials of acrylic painting here:

Primary Blue (By: Liquitex BASICS)
Mars Black (By: Liquitex BASICS)
Titanium White (By: Liquitex BASICS)

Large square headed brush (Artists Loft)
Medium square headed brush (Artists Loft)
Small square headed brush (Artists Loft)
Medium round headed brush (Artists Loft)
Small round headed brush (Artists Loft)

Canvas board: 6×8
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  1. Lysa Roberts Art says

    I love your 10 minute paintings. Great channel!

  2. PipMk says

    Was missing this. 😇

  3. Lynn Mehal says

    Very cool. I love this one, Ryan.

  4. Believe says

    OMG Ryan, I was on the phone and put your vid on my computer on mute while I watched.. Eventually, I realized that your painting was underwater. I thought ypur scene was above ground, like mountains! Is there a difference painting mountains versus below water rock formations?Thank you!

  5. thea loves says

    This is awesome 🙂

  6. BentoBoxArt says

    This one came together so nicely! I love it.

  7. Lilmizz Marie says

    This is awesome!!! I love your paintings

  8. Cindy Ware says

    As usual your painting is awesome! I love your way of teaching! If Social security ever gives us decent cost of living raises I will definitely becomes a patreon for your long lessons. But in the meantime I love these 10 minute lessons. I get a lot out of them. Thank you!

  9. craig hawkins says

    This is so damn cool

  10. David Johnson says

    Thank you

  11. debeern1 says

    Very nice I like this one!

  12. Syauri Belva says

    incredible painting!

  13. Aaron Salisbury says

    I have a request for a future 10 minute painting good sir! The dessert, Egypt, the pyramids or sphinx, and maybe some camels!? Lol.

    I hope you take my request to heart. Because I am a big fan. And enjoy learning with you. And I am interested in painting this subject with your help! 🙂

  14. Helena W says

    I'm addicted to these 10 minute paintings! I want to start playing around with acrylic painting and these are giving me a lot of inspiration. Maybe one of the next ones you do could be desert sand dunes, perhaps a desert at night?

  15. paul kerins says

    Is that a pencil outline you use?

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