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Painting Moonlit Clouds in a Starry Night Sky with Acrylics in 10 Minutes!


Today we paint a moonlit sky. This starry and cloudy night sky scene is completed in just about 10 minutes! This is a real time acrylic landscape painting tutorial.

Primary Blue (By: BASIC)
Titanium White (By: BASIC)
Black (By: BASIC)

Large square headed brush (Artists Loft)
Medium square headed brush (unbranded)
Small square headed brush (Artists Loft)
large round headed brush
medium sized round headed brush (Artists Loft)

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  1. Bella Donna says


  2. Patricia Christian says

    I just found your 10 minute painting shows I really like your ideas of painting a lot And also thank you for closed captioning since I am deaf. Will you please show how to paint the planets in the universes? Thank you. God bless you ! 👍🏻

  3. Juliana __ says

    I was searching on how to paint a simple tree branch for my project, and then i saw this 10 minute painting. Then i was like wow amazing SUBSCRIBE 🌌✨✨

  4. Natalia Ivanova says

    I like your lessons! Could you paint a rainy day with a lonely figure?

  5. Donna Singh says

    Awesome yet again.

  6. Sonia Forbes says

    Absolutely love it. You make it so simple

  7. MixedUpMargie says

    Love it!

  8. Tali Bat Tamar says


  9. Herbalistics 9 says

    Do you teach art classes.? Have you written any books.?

  10. Patricia Christian says

    I am still looking forward for you to paint several planets like earth,Jupiter,Mars!Saturn and Venus?. Thank you !😊

  11. Jeannette Sanchez says

    I just subscribed to your awesome 10 minute paintings. I am a real beginner so very anxious to try out your techniques. On this particular painting did you first paint the canvas black the start your actual scene? Probably a very dumb question but like I mentioned a very beginner. Thanks for sharing your talent. Opps, my question was answered as I further watched your video.



  13. rosa tanchez says


  14. Hina Khan says

    kindly teach us city painting

  15. Bill Westlund says

    I want to preface this comment by first saying that as an artist myself, I am always looking for new techniques to improve my art work. I would like to thank you for making these videos not only to help other artist's realize that there are other ways to improve their work, but to also help new artists realize that painting does not have to be difficult. Now Please find another word to use in place of Myriad, like perhaps Endless, Plethora, Abundance, and so on. I like the word Myriad but you use that word so much that it's driving me insane. Not trying to be rude because I really do like the videos. Just really wish you could a different word for even just a little while. Thank you again for the videos and I hope that you have a wonderful upcoming holiday season.

  16. Vallerie Lopez says

    did you buy a canvas like that or just paint it black ?

  17. XpLiZiTpImP says

    There are no mistakes! Just happy little accidents…

  18. Susie Caron says

    I enjoy watching you as you teach in these videos. As a former teacher, I can certainly affirm you have a wonderful teaching style. Beyond that I absolutely love your approach. Thank you.

  19. Jane Fonda says

    I recently subscribed and enjoy watching all your videos. I admire your style, tips and art of course. Keep creating more art and videos. You inspire me. Xoxo!

  20. global intense recearch says

    Lovely & inspiring art, thanks for uploading for us, very helpfull.

  21. Natalie Düker says

    amazing beautyful,a pitty,the face of the moonface is not correct,hè Smiles usewely 😀😊

  22. Gisele Grenier says

    A lovely little painting. Your round brush…is it a worn out round bristle brush? I love the soft texture it creates.

  23. Nancy Bisogno says

    Thanks again! You make it seem so easy! 👏👏😇

  24. Yuna' rt / art drawing says

    OMG it's very beautiful!

  25. Linnealouisa says

    Cool idea to paint above the clouds, how did you decide what to paint?

  26. phoebe moore says

    beautiful 🙂

  27. ReimaginedArtHD says

    awesome painting

  28. Blue universe says

    BEAUTIFUL!!! (~●•○)~

  29. IIExpeditionII says

    He should do live videos on Saturday nights with him painting

  30. Jenalyn Dacaymat says

    is it applicable if i use enamel paint?

  31. peace says

    I don't understand how you could create something so beautiful and majestic … speechless so simple yet so much depth and beauty

  32. Muskaan hussian says

    so nice👍👍

  33. lwj kda says

    Loved it! Thank you.

  34. Aurélie Rethore says

    Thank you so much Ryan for all your videos. I always have been a fan of the moon, Galaxies, stars, cosmos, the light and i wanted to paint it, but not that so easy…II wondered how to have this light in my paint. Your videos are very helpfull!
    Thank you very much for beeing a great teacher. It's become more easy to understand and do it and less stressfull when you have a method. I had to redo one of my painting so many times to have the result that i wanted.
    You are a great artist! Thank you for sharing with us

  35. sillysausage72 says

    Totally great! You have a new sub!

  36. Maria J says

    By 8:00 it looks like the moon is among the clouds.

  37. Ashley Whitehall says

    Is it going to be problem if I use a white canvas board?…………….BTW Love the paintings you do💯🔥💜😍

  38. Rick G says

    Everything thing is great, I just wish I could see how you put the paint on your brush, like in the beginning. But thanks!

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