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Painting Storm Clouds and Lightning with Acrylics in 10 Minutes!


Today we paint large storm clouds with lightning atop a river landscape in fewer than 10 minutes! This is a real time acrylic landscape painting tutorial.

Hour long lessons & Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/onehourpaintings

Primary Blue (By: BASIC)
Primary Yellow (By: Basic)
Titanium White (By: BASIC)
Black (By: BASIC)

Large square headed brush (Artists Loft)
Medium square headed brush (Artists Loft)
Small square headed brush (Artists Loft)
Medium round headed brush (Artists Loft)
Small round headed brush (Artists Loft)


Canvas board: 6×8

You can find my book on the essentials of acrylic painting here:

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  1. Virakboth Theng says


  2. Luke Fitzsimons says

    it's amazing how quick you can paint! the paintings beautiful

  3. Helloiuehe says


  4. sarajones says

    WOW!!!! love this video!!

  5. GHADA says

    you are amazing 😙

  6. Sue Chester says

    Great job Ryan!!!! Once again you rocked your painting. You gave a good explanation too!! Thanks

  7. Darkstorm Outdoors says

    LOVE your 10 minute paintings. Always look for the next one. Thanks!

  8. TheYashie says

    I love these little lessons! I've learned a lot of techniques over the course of your series 😀

  9. The Phantom says

    I love the reflection on the river !_! and the clouds (~• – •)~

  10. PipMk says

    Best part of my Saturdays. 🤗🤗😊😊

  11. Judy Lehman says

    Thank you again for another wonderful painting!

  12. Patricia Norman says

    Really interesting. Not as involved as I would have guessed. Thank you for showing us the simplicity of this technique.


  13. Tasia says

    Awesome paintings for 10 minutes. I can not paint like that in only 10 minutes.

  14. andrew Frey says

    so glad you specified tap water in the description, I almost used bottled, would've completely ruined the painting 🙂

  15. Arbe Hufano says

    love ye paintings!

  16. axzilluber says

    When you say your adding grey are you talking paynes grey or black and white grey??

  17. Timothy McDougald says

    Ryan, great work again!!

  18. sylvia smith says

    So disappointed that there is no video today..

  19. Jill Fancher says

    Thank you for doing this painting. I was wanting to learn how to paint a scene with lightening. I tried one on my own and it didn't turn out very well. I think I can try this. Thanks again.

  20. EpicThoughts says

    great painting and could you add background music to your videos? if not its fine, just a suggestion

  21. NEERAJ GOYAL says

    what kind of sheet is used in this painting ???

  22. Jaswinder Gill says


  23. Chase Butler says

    These are sketches for you? Aren't they?

  24. J Meezy says

    Do you ever do larger sized paintings Ryan?

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