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‘Painting Topical Techniques for Watercolours’ with Paul Taggart [Series 1]


Artist and Author Paul Taggart has worked with people who paint for pleasure, whether as a pursuit or as professionals, for over forty years. It has always been his policy to share as much information as possible – for he passionately believes that everyone is given the chance to develop; whether in his fourteen books or here in his Video on Demand tutorials.

Welcome to Painting Topical Techniques for Watercolours, Series 1 – in which each video covers one particular technique to enhance your experience of painting in watercolours.

Detailed demonstrations with running commentary are the basis of Paul Taggart’s on-line tutoring videos, for he wholeheartedly believes in sharing his knowledge, not keeping anything back.

HELPING YOU to enjoy your experience of painting in watercolours is his aim, as it is his aim to provide you with the techniques with which to experiment and develop your repertoire.

IN WATERCOLOURS THERE ARE THREE PRINCIPAL PAINTING TECHNIQUES – each can be used on its own, or in combination with one, or both of the others to stunning effect.

To enable you to get to grips with these and compare like-with-like – I demonstrate the same subject in each of the three videos dedicated to the techniques of Line & Wash, Wet on Dry and Wet on Wet.

Using the same colour mix throughout enables you to concentrate on practising the technique; rather than being frustrated by the need for accurate colour mixes.

TO COMPLETE THIS BOXED-SET, we have put together a number of additional techniques that are essential in helping you enjoy the art of painting in watercolours – plus some problem solvers dealing with common frustrations posted by visitors to my main website or to our Art Workshop With Paul Painting Companions group.

THE THREE ADDITIONAL TECHNIQUES COMPRISE OF Lift-Off – this video shows how to modify or correct your watercolour painting – which is intended to debunk the myth that watercolours are unforgiving.

Scuffs and Scumbles shows how to fully exploit your brush-strokes to achieve texture and effects – which is intended to prove the point that much can be achieved with the minimum of brushes.

Negative Painting shows the worth of this under-valued technique – one to add to your repertoire of techniques for maximising the potential of watercolours.

PROBLEM SOLVERS deal with four common frustrations – firstly, getting over those initial nerves in approaching the technique of Wet on Wet.

Secondly – understanding how to judge the strength of watercolour mixes, loading your brush and the ‘art’ of layering.

Thirdly – getting over preconceived ideas that mixing colours leads to dull results and granulation is an unwanted nuisance.

With the fourth Problem Solver covering the basics of reflections, in which I use the Line and Wash technique as an introductory route for anyone wishing to take up watercolours.

As with all of my videos, these are filmed in real-time, so that you can watch every detail accompanied by my running commentary.

Value for money is key to our Videos on Demand – which is reflected in the cost of this boxed-set that you can either rent or buy.

Best wishes for your painting, from Eileen and Paul

‘Painting Equipment Focus for Watercolours with Paul Taggart’ – https://vimeo.com/ondemand/awwptwatercolourequip
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