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‘Painting Topical Techniques with Paul Taggart COMPOSITION MATTERS’


Ever wondered what to paint? How to decide on your composition? How to make your composition unique to you? How to accurately transfer the composition to your painting surface?

Ever started in the middle of the blank surface and run out of space, or ended up with too much space to fill?

Let Artist & Author Paul Taggart guide through the techniques that he uses to map out his own paintings, through this box-set of five detailed tutorials; which, as ever, are accompanied by his running commentary and a basketful of hints and tips which will make your painting experience all the more enjoyable.

“This box-set was inspired by the many messages we get from Painting Companions who find it difficult to decide on subjects for their painting. We hope that in inspiring us to do this box-set, we can in return, inspire you.

Wherever you live, there are subjects to be found, right on your doorstep; it is all about keeping eyes and minds open, as we set out to show when one day, we simply walked away from our desks and easels and popped out to see what could be ‘discovered’ as subjects in just one short stroll, all of which feature in this box-set and for which we provideFree-to-Download Reference Photographs through artworkshopwithpaul on Flickr – https://www.flickr.com/photos/paul_taggart_artist_and_author/

What’s in the box-set?

Reference Gathering – in which we set out to show that we are all surrounded by subjects, it is all a question of looking and seeing.

Thumbnails – in which we show that there are simple steps you can take to do away with all those frustrating times when you feel that your subject is not working out.

Tonal Drawings – Parts 1 & 2 in which we show that there are simple ways of looking for those lights and darks in your subject, with which you can assess the values within the painting.

Transferring the Subject to Your Surface – a simple solution to mapping out the composition onto your painting surface.

Preparation is the key and it needn’t take long – just think of how much time and effort you will save in the long run.

As always, this comes with best wishes from Eileen and myself.”

Paul Taggart

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