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[Series 2] ‘Learn to Enjoy Painting’ in Watercolours with Paul Taggart – Trailer


Companion box-set PAINTING TOPICAL TECHNIQUES for Watercolours with Paul Taggart [Series2] – http://vimeo.com/ondemand/awwptwatercolourtechs02
PAUL TAGGART core watercolour painting kit and how to use each element – http://vimeo.com/ondemand/awwptwatercolourequip

PLEASE READ THE DESCRIPTIONS FOR EACH EPISODE to understand fully what each contains – for this is not merely a step-by-step painting tutorial – it is a BOX-SET PACKED FULL OF HANDY HINTS, TIPS AND TECHNIQUES; all of which will prove invaluable in adding to your repertoire of painting techniques.

The experience of painting in watercolours can vary considerably. There are the three principal techniques for instance – Wet on Wet : Wet on Dry and Line & Wash. Each of which can be exploited. Any of which can be combined. All of which can be developed by you to achieve your own individual and personal style.

TECHNIQUE – for this series [2] Artist & Author Paul Taggart shows you how to exploit the Wet on Wet technique in Watercolours through his start-to-finish, step-by-step demonstration. The traditional watercolour painting technique of working from light to dark forms the basis of this project.

As with all of Paul’s video tutorials, this box-set of nine lessons is FILMED IN REAL-TIME; with CLOSE-UP SHOTS ALLOWING YOU TO SEE and share in every brush-stroke, colour mix, technique and action. Paul’s running commentary ensures you don’t miss out on his hints and tips, his thought process and his aims.

“I have always felt that wet-on-wet is the ultimate technique in watercolour. Its fluidity and softness suggest movement and depth. Laying the colour onto a wet surface allows for a stronger concentration of pigment in the dark areas.

FOR ANYONE NEW TO THE WET-ON-WET TECHNIQUE the sensation of freedom when applying the paint using this technique is terribly exciting. At first, there is a feeling of being slightly out of control; but stay with it, for once the flowing paint has been mastered the rewards are worthwhile.

AS YOU GAIN CONFIDENCE you will learn to allow the paint to suggest detail, which at one time, you might have spent hours trying to create. This allows the qualities of the paint to shine through in all their beauty.

I CAN ASSURE YOU that, with practice, you will begin to loosen up and begin to see exciting results.

SO JOIN ME ON THIS WONDERFUL JOURNEY OF DISCOVERY as I guide you gently through everything you will need to enjoy this glorious and unique watercolour technique.

LEARN TO EXPLOIT THIS TECHNIQUE to its fullest and you will soon realise that it opens up a whole new repertoire of techniques that you can use to develop your own individual style in watercolours.

COMBINE IT WITH Line & Wash, or Wet on Dry; or maximise the potential of these three principal watercolour techniques in conjunction with each other – something I refer to as the ‘combination technique’.

Value for money is key to our Videos on Demand – which is reflected in the cost of this box-set, which you can either rent or buy outright.”

Best wishes for your painting, from Eileen and Paul

SUBJECT – a rich and diverse autumnal landscape, which falls back from a focused foreground into the distant mountains and hills that are slowly becoming enveloped by a creeping mist; chosen for its reflective content and principal point of focus. This will help you with aerial perspective, depths of field, understanding the roles of foreground, middle ground and far distance, not to mention how you the artist have the ability to manipulate the composition to draw your viewer’s eye. Paul works from a selection of photographs – to show that using photographic references is not cheating, as many might suppose; far from it, for you will learn the value of taking a number of reference photographs concentrating on various elements of a possible composition.

WANT TO USE THE SAME STUDY and COMPOSITION as Paul? – NOT A PROBLEM – simply download Paul’s free-to-use photographs which you can find in Flickr – http://www.flickr.com/photos/paul_taggart_artist_and_author/sets/72157649125947822/

You will not only gain an understanding of the Wet on Wet technique in watercolours – you will also learn …

… how to get to grips with light and shade
… how to get to grips with aerial perspective
… how to get to grips with reflections
… how to get to grips with recession and focus
… how to get to grips with colour mixing

… how to exploit a single round brush
… how to manipulate brush-strokes
… how to exploit masking fluid
… how to exploit lift-off and ‘losing’ edges

… how to establish your overall composition
… how to work out the tonal values of your composition

MORE WATERCOLOUR TECHNIQUES [Series1] – http://vimeo.com/ondemand/awwptwatercolourtechs01
LEARN TO ENJOY PAINTING IN WATERCOLOURS with Paul Taggart [Series 1] –http://vimeo.com/ondemand/artworkshopwithpaulwc1

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