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‘[Series 2] Painting Topical Techniques for Watercolours with Paul Taggart’


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NOTE – Although this set of eight tutorials comprises techniques that were used by Artist & Author Paul Taggart to achieve the wet-on-wet painting produced in his start-to-finish series of lessons in ‘Learn to Enjoy Painting in Watercolours with Paul Taggart [Series 2]’ – they are equally applicable for use generally in watercolours and the two videos specifically featuring the Wet on Wet Technique Basics and Exercise can be exploited for use with Line & Wash and in combination with Wet on Dry.

“Welcome to Painting Topical Techniques for Watercolours with Paul Taggart [Series 2] – in which each video covers one particular technique to enhance your experience of painting in watercolours.

Firstly the basics of the Wet on Wet Technique – a simple study to introduce you to this method of painting.

This is followed by a wet-on-wet exercise, through which you can gain more confidence in working with this technique; a technique that has so much to offer and would add considerably to your repertoire in watercolour painting.

Developing your own style is what painting is all about, exploiting and adapting different techniques – but without the knowledge of how to do this you could so easily become frustrated – which is where the other five Painting Topical Techniques come into play to help you with painting a landscape.

AERIAL PERSPECTIVE – essential in a landscape if you are to achieve volume and depth – otherwise your landscape will be flat. But this needn’t be difficult to understand, as Paul is at pains to demonstrate.

LIGHT IN A LANDSCAPE – can be confusing – how to identify it, how does it work, how to accurately include it in your painting.

LIFT-OFF – incredibly important in all watercolour painting techniques; but most ESPECIALLY IN THE WET-ON-WET TECHNIQUE and one that can be used in it’s own right as a painting technique , or as a method for making changes, or correcting mistakes.

MASKING FLUID IN LAYERS – will come as a revelation for anyone who has been led to believe that it is merely for use with a single layer of paint. Here you will learn just how versatile this painting tool can be.

REFLECTIONS IN A LANDSCAPE – kicks off with a series of simple diagrams with which Paul serves to explain in the simplest possible terms how reflections work in reality and reveal a simple method by which you can observe the nature of reflections.

A Problem Solver makes up this set, in which Paul resolves a common issue shared online by one of our Painting Companions.

As with all of our videos, these are filmed in real-time, so that you can watch every detail accompanied by Paul’s running commentary.

Value for money is key to our Videos on Demand – which is reflected in the cost of this boxed-set that you can either rent or buy.

Wet-on-wet can terrify many; which is so sad, because as you will hear Paul say time and again, it is the technique that enables you to produce the richest of watercolours in it’s own right; but when combined with Wet-on-Dry it affords you so many more opportunites to excite your watercolour experience.

Moreover, it can also work on the simplest of Line & Wash sketches, right through to the most complex of Line & Wash artworks; a technique favoured by many an illustrator.

So don’t deny yourself the opportunity of exploring the Wet on Wet Technique in watercolours; embrace it, exploit it and add it to your repertoire of watercolour techniques, which will enable you to even further develop your own unique style.

Your repertoire of painting techniques will be changed forever; as will your confidence in working not only with watercolours, but with the Wet on Wet Technique in watercolours.”

Best wishes for your painting, from Eileen and Paul

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