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‘Sketching Companions – Line & Wash Workshops and Sketches with Paul Taggart’


“Welcome to the second of my ‘Sketching Companions with Paul Taggart’ box-sets — in which you can watch-along with me as I work en plein air (in the field) on two different subjects; for which I use two quite different, but equally traditional Line & Wash methods.

As with my first Sketching Companions box-set – https://vimeo.com/ondemand/paintingtutorials – don’t think of this purely in terms of watercolours, for everything shown here can be exploited for use with other media. For example, the tonal underpainting method used for the figure sketch could be rendered in oils – see this in action in Series 4 of ‘Learn to Enjoy Painting in Oils with Paul Taggart’, in which tonal underpainting is overlaid with transparent glazing mixes – https://vimeo.com/ondemand/paintinginoilsseries4/184912619

Use the two techniques demonstrated in this box-set as the inspiration to experiment with the media of your choice – be it acrylics, oils, pastels, inks, watercolour pencils, oil pastels etc.

Think of different ways of achieving the linework, different ways of applying the colour washes – treat these two quite different subjects as exercises, not as finished paintings and you will learn much about how to analyse your subject.

In the first, two-part workshop you will see me working with acrylic ink linework and pan watercolours, using a typical Line & Wash technique. Although the finished painting comprises a montage of figures as well as the central landscape, it is that landscape which forms the nucleus of the composition and this start-to-finish workshop tutorial.

You could also view this as a study in greens, working from warm greens in the foreground to cool greens in the distance – more on greens in ‘Making Green Work for You’ in Series 1 of ‘Learn to Enjoy Colour Mixing with Paul Taggart’ – https://vimeo.com/ondemand/colourmixinggreen

The single figure study sketch that follows is rendered in a completely different Line & Wash technique. In this, the first layer is established using a monochrome tonal underpainting, rendered in ink washes – which is subsequently overlaid with light transparent watercolours washes – all of which could equally be achieved with acrylics, inks, oils.

We look forward to your company and as always, send you best wishes for your painting, from Eileen and myself.”

Paul Taggart
Artist, Author, Presenter, Producer

‘Sketching Companions, Line & Wash Workshops with Paul Taggart’ https://vimeo.com/ondemand/paintingtutorials
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