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Step 11 – Acrylic Painting with Translucent Paints & Washes


Today we are going to cover translucent paints and washes. We are going to start with our basic colors. To do a transparent color just use your color straight from the tube and that will give you your clearness.

If you add water to it to thin it down a little bit, thin the pigment, it makes an even bigger wash. If you were to add this over another color it makes a fantastic over cover wash for different techniques on your paint as you can see.

Another thing you can do for example show you blues a little bit more water and it makes it clear see, or wash over your yellow, you can do. You are going to use this technique when we do the Allaprima, which I will explain later, which is a black and gray painting.

You start with a wash on all of the Allaprima, any color you are using to start with. Another technique is to use Gesso in your painting and this will cover a lot of things too. For example your blue and white, you can use this a lot in your skies, you can add that. You need a little bit more there okay to build the mood around

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