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Step 12 – Texturing & Blending with Acrylic Paints


Today we are going to talk about doing textures in your painting. On the palette over here for example are some of the tools you can use, but please think of other things you can use.

You can use metal or plastic spatulas, toothbrushes, little straight rulers, even one of those little credit card things they send in the mail for advertisement, they work too. And we are also going to talk about blending.

The first thing we are going to work with is if you wanted to do something like trout fish or fish or even copper pots to show a little bit of readiness to the pot, you take your brush, I am going to use a different color than you normally would use, just to show you how it works and take your toothbrush and you just speckle it on and it will give you the spots and lines.

You can also use it for beach scenes on the beach for little pebbles, rocks, you can mix your colors if you like. If you don’t want this red or brown you use another color over it and that is fun. One thing about this is try to experiment and find different textures to do things with.

Another one you can use is spatulas and use the color and you will have to use a lot of paints sometimes okay and you can run it along or even make stance. This one works the same way and so does your other spatula and this one here, what you do is, is you need to paint it on or get a flat tub, for example here in the purple and the orange you run it on and you can slide it or stamp it.

Think of different things that you can use. This is the fun part of the painting. You can use little cards that you use from the advertisements that you get in the mail, you can use them to scrape paints on or saw on. Different ideas for painting wood and things like that. Now to blend this is the fun part, with acrylics it dries really fast so sometimes you have to paint a little faster.

Lets say I take my yellow and we are going to clean our brush a little bit more because there is purple on it. We will take some red for example, put it on the board here and you want to blend that. Clean you brush and take another color. I am going to use the yellow for example, put it across there, sometimes you just seesaw it and blend and leave it.

I can take another for example to show you how to blend, ?? (240) take along the side of it, seesaw it again and blend. Now, sometimes it is not going to come out the first time, you have to layer it. As you can see you can see through this, sometimes you have to layer it.

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