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Step 2 – How to Choose Acrylic Paints


I would like to show you the difference about different kinds of paints that are used in Acrylics. The student basics versus the professional basics. These are four types of paints that I like to use and one is a student grade or academy grade and it does work very well.

It does have a lot of more pigment in it, with the more student grades you have less pigment in your paint, so you have to layer a lot more often because of the amount and also you have to think about the brilliance of your painting after a few years. Some with less pigment tend to be a little bit duller.

With your more professional grades or your medium grades, the acrylics for example, I love this paint and I do love my Galleria and my Academy Acrylics. These have a smoothness to them and they have a lot of pigment in them and they make your paintings much more brilliant.

Source : Expert Village

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