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Step 4 – Acrylic Painting Supplies You Will Need


We are going to show you some of the types of items and supplies that you need to start painting in acrylics. We will start with brushes for example, as I explained before.

You have a cleaner and tubs for water. Any kind of tub you can use, these are for example out of a disc of CDs and this is like an ice cream tub, anything that holds water. Paper towels for dabbing your brushes and cleaning up.

Easels for example, a table easel as like this one or this middle one here. This one also comes in a full size example, if you were preferring to paint with bigger paint canvases and you also have your tables that you can move around also.

You would also need some canvas to start with. You can use to hold your paints, one of these tubs that keeps your paints wet, has a sponge inside or for example a lot of things I would like to use are plates that you can put cellophane over afterwards, it does save your paints a little bit or little food tubs, anything that you can even throw away later.

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