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Step 5 – Choosing an Acrylic Paint Brush


We are going to show you different types of paint brushes for acrylic painting. First of all we will start with a big one for example. This is for blending. This one here is what we call a flat and we use that to cover more paint on the backgrounds.

This is a flat brush for painting. This is what we call a bright, it helps to blend a little bit and get a smaller area. This is a smaller bright it is a little oval end. It is a little bit smoother too and we have rounds. These are to give a little bit more detail if you need to, for lines or little bit on the edges and this is even a smaller one when you start finishing on your painting.

Also, with painting you need to take care of the bristles on your brush and we use the cleaner, any kind of cleaner for our brushes that keeps them a little bit friable, so they are not so stiff and I hope that helps you a little bit.

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