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Wall Hanging made out bangles (Best out of waste)

  1. Pratima Singh says

    awesome thanks mam

  2. Pratima Singh says

    awesome thanks mam

  3. sonia mali says

    really easy but awesome nice

  4. Muhammad Jawad says

    good idea

  5. Avesh Ansari says


  6. Kv Verma says

    very nice

  7. Alim Khan says


  8. Surinder Dulay says

    which glue are you using please

  9. zohra khan says

    beautiful WoOw😍😍😍

  10. Varsha Pinjlani says

    fabulous idea thanks ma'am

  11. Yogita Dalvi says

    veryyy beautiful I will definitely try

  12. yashika Dutt says

    wow it's so nice mam

  13. Yazhini Devi says


  14. saba khan says

    oh ! it is very beautiful your hands have magic

  15. Anupam Kumari says

    such a awesome idea Mamm…..
    thanks a lot…

  16. Anupam Kumari says

    I will definitely try…..

  17. Yogita Deshmukh says

    very good ideas. Just love it

  18. Pooja Chinchane says

    it's awesome… I will definitely try this 🙂
    but which glue should be used!!!

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