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WaterColor – Common mistakes and how to avoid them



The accidental effects and unpredictable behavior of different pigments are what make watercolor so interesting. This nature of watercolor also calls for watercolor painters to follow extra caution. In this article we will look at some mistakes that watercolor beginners commit and guide you on how to avoid them while making your watercolor paintings.

  1. Many young artists dip their paintbrushes directly into paint bottles, or squeeze paint straight out of their tubes on a paintbrush, and apply thick coats of colors to the paper without using palettes. This makes the drawing look patchy and untidy. Take Paint on to a palette with the help of your paintbrush, or squeezing paint out of the tube. Add the right amount of water and mix it using a brush. Begin your coloring only then.
  2. In the picture, if the color you are using has extra water in it, don’t try to dry it by wiping it with your rag. You might end up smudging the picture or getting colors from rag onto the picture. Excess paint should be removed by absorbing it with a clean, dry brush.
  3. Use a plastic or wooden box (longer than brush) to carry your paint brushes. this keeps the tip of your brushes safe and prevents them from getting bent or damaged. Avoid carrying brushes in a cloth or plastic pouch.
  4. After finishing the painting, check that all the lids match with the paint bottles before closing them. Otherwise, the color in the lid will get mixed with the color in the bottle and spoil it.
  5. Use only a white palette and/or tile to mix colors. On a dark colored palette you will not be able to recognize shade of the color that you are mixing.

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