2PCS Acrylic Paint Palette with Thumb Hole, Clear Paint Tray 12 x 8 inches Oval, Easy Clean Non-Stick Artist Pallet for Oil Watercolor Craft DIY Art Painting

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  • 【Before Used】Please peel off the protective film on the paint pallet, Two-sided protective film in order to avoid damage to your palette during transportation.
  • 【Easy to clean】Acrylic paint holder is super easy to clean, no matter if the paint is wet or dry, saving users the trouble of cleaning pigment.
  • 【Widely Used】The painting tray can be used for watercolor, oil painting, propylene painting, gouache and other pigments color mixing at school art class, studios and workshops.
  • 【Comfortable to Hold】The oval shape design and the thumb hole make it easier to grasp. The polished edge gives users a smooth and comfortable feeling of touch.
  • 【Durable to Used】Made of durable acrylic material, generally better than glass. Reusable, sturdy, clean and not easy to break.

User reviews

OMG. It's so smelly when I first got them out. The chemical smell was so strong that I think I will get a rash or something. Until I finally found out that strong smell is from the film. Get rid if the films immediately and the palettes are innocent! I think the seller should better not use that film anymore, it jeopardize your products' over all review.......
was white, not clear and smelled so strongly of a chemical that i was lowkey scared it was gonna kill me in my sleep if i didn’t throw it out for real i’ve never been one of those people to receive a bad package but this was so bad and it took like two hours to get rid of a toxic chemical smell even after i tossed the palates
Sorry the pic is blurry but these were white not clear and won’t peel off. Also such a strong chemical smell it filled my entire home. I had to throw it out. Absolutely awful.

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