Acrylic Paint BOOM – Balloon Pop Experiment #2

Watch this Acrylic Paint BOOM – Balloon Pop Experiment #2 video. You can create a stunning masterpiece of your own using these Acrylic Pour Painting techniques.

Acrylic Pour Painting Kits and Supplies you may need:

  1. Acrylic Pouring Paint Set
  2. Pouring Acrylic Paint Set For Kids
  3. Acrylic Gloss Pouring Medium
  4. Painting Spatula And Palette Knives Set – Stainless Steel
  5. Pouring Painting Strainers Set For Amazing Patterns
  6. Stretched White Canvas For Painting

Details of Acrylic Paint BOOM – Balloon Pop Experiment #2

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We’ve once again popped a balloon filled with acrylic paint, on (and around) the canvas, only this time we used different colors and a black background. Watch the satisfying video until the end to see how it went!

If you’re gonna try this at home, be warned: it’s gonna be messy. Please note that the acrylic paint we used in this project was previously mixed with floetrol, water and silicone fluid. Here are the exact proportions:
1 oz of acrylic paint
1 oz of floetrol
0.5 oz of water
A few drops (4-5) of silicone fluid

We started by coating the canvas with a black base, made from black acrylic paint, also prepped with floetrol and water. Then we sprayed it with a silicone spray, and started filling the balloon. We poured some paint inside it, blew it up, moved it around, then popped it. After the BOOM, we handled the canvas a little bit, then heated the pretty mess with a blowtorch, to form some nice cells.

It was messy, but also so fun!
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