Acrylic Pouring With A Large Pipette

Watch this Acrylic Pouring With A Large Pipette video. You can create a stunning masterpiece of your own using these Acrylic Pour Painting techniques.

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We used a cooking baster and once again experimented with the acrylic pouring technique. Watch the satisfying video until the end to see the beautiful result!

Friends, instead of mixing the colors in a cup, this time we poured them all in a large pipette (a cooking baster), then poured the paint on the canvas. As many of our followers have shown interest in the process, we’ll try our best to write all the steps we’ve followed in the acrylic pouring technique.

First of all, all the colors (including the white one we used as a base) have been mixed with water and floetrol. Here are the exact proportions:
1 oz of acrylic paint
1 oz of floetrol
0.5 oz of water

Before pouring the colors on the canvas, we applied a layer of white acrylic paint (also prepped with water and floetrol) for the colors to slide better. We poured all the beautiful colors in the large pipette (FYI, a baster is a tool usually used in the kitchen), then poured the paint on the canvas.
One thing we left out from the video is the fact that at the end, after handling the canvas, we sprayed the whole painting with a silicon spray. Then, as you can see in the end, we heated it using a small blowtorch (another tool you normally use in the kitchen), in order to form the cells.

This was a cool experiment we’ll definitely try again in the future. What do you think about it?

Got a suggestion on what we should make next? Share your thoughts below!

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