Acrylic String Pull Abstract Flames Painting

Watch this Acrylic String Pull Abstract Flames Painting video. You can create a stunning masterpiece of your own using these Acrylic Pour Painting techniques.

Acrylic Pour Painting Kits and Supplies you may need:

  1. Acrylic Pouring Paint Set
  2. Pouring Acrylic Paint Set For Kids
  3. Acrylic Gloss Pouring Medium
  4. Painting Spatula And Palette Knives Set – Stainless Steel
  5. Pouring Painting Strainers Set For Amazing Patterns
  6. Stretched White Canvas For Painting

Details of Acrylic String Pull Abstract Flames Painting

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We are very happy with this abstract painting we made using the acrylic string pull technique. Read the whole description for more details and watch the satisfying video until the end to see the amazing result!

For this painting, we used “fire” colors: red, yellow and two different shades of orange, as well as cotton rope (4 mm). FYI, the acrylic paint was previously mixed with water and floetrol (*see the exact proportions below). After coating the canvas with a layer of black acrylic paint (also prepped with water and floetrol), we poured the rest of the colors on the side. Next, we dipped the pieces of rope in the paint, and pulled them on the canvas.

*Here are the proportions:
1 oz of acrylic paint
1 oz of floetrol
0.5 oz of water

What do you think about this effect? Got a suggestion on what we should make next? Share your thoughts below!

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