Artlicious – Foam Paint Brush Value Pack (One Inch – 25 Pack)

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  • 25 piece foam brush set
  • Wooden handles
  • 1" brush size
  • Use with all paints
  • Safe for educational use

User reviews

Sorry if I sound drastic, it’s an honest opinion, I needed only a couple of these brushes but nobody sells small quantities. They were so inexpensive, I bought them.I supposed they would be regular foam brushes but they have no support! It’s the handle, and then the foam brush supported by a thin plastic. I tried to apply glue on a tile and it kept bending like a feather! I ended up using a regular brush.I only write comments when I think they can help someone. They did not work at all for my project.Cheap is cheap.
Flimsy and not like other foam brushes I'm using. Applying a coat of polyurethane the brush folds over too easily. The material is like a plastic more than a foam. Doesn't seem to absorb the varnish - just pushes it around. I will keep these for thinner paints or stains. Would not purchase again.
I've ordered/used these sponge brushes a lot, and for the most part, they're good quality. But when I try to use them with enamel paint, the spongy part of the brush starts to break down, and I end up with little bits of sponge in the paint. This may not be the fault of the brush itself because the same thing might happen to any brand of sponge brush because it also happened with some brushes I bought at Walmart that were a different brand, but either way, it's unfortunate that I can't use these with enamel paint, which I use on all the vases and coasters, etc., that I make and sell. However, I haven't had any issues using them with Mod Podge or acrylic paint. They work just fine with those.

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