Can You See The Black Dot? Draw Optical Illusion Grid

In this video learn Can You See The Black Dot? Draw Optical Illusion Grid. Enjoy this video and master the fundamentals of Perspective Drawing with regular practice. Use the Drawing and Sketching supplies given below.

Perspective Drawing and Sketching Supplies you may need:

  1. Mixed Media Sketchbook And Drawing Pads
  2. Sketching And Drawing Art Pencil Kit
  3. Mix Media Paper Pad For Drawing And Painting
  4. Graphite Charcoal Pencils With Sketch Pad
  5. Graphite Charcoal Pencils Set For Artists
  6. Faber Castell Graphite Set For Sketching

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How to see the black dots: Look at random white dots and you should see some black dots appear momentary in your peripheral vision, depending on the size you are viewing the image. Subscribe for more:

Circle Line Art School Episode #330: How to Draw an Optical Illusion: Find The Black Dots: The Herman Illusion

Step by Step:
On grid paper draw a series of circles in a grid, connect them with grey lines, fill in background black. For this drawing I used a 4B pencil.

More information on the Scintillating Grid Illusion:
The Scintillating Grid Illusion is thought to be based on a neural process called lateral inhibition, the capacity of an excited neuron to reduce the activity of its neighbors. The Scintillating Grid illusion was discovered by E. Lingelbach in 1994 and is similar to the Hermann Grid Illusion, which was noticed by Ludimar Hermann in 1870. The Hermann Grid Illusion does not have white circles.

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Seance of the Moon Rabbit by Kyle Preston

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