CONDA Canvas Panels Artist Quality Acid Free Canvas Board

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If you're real picky about canvases, spend more money. But if 'good' is good enough for you, you'll be pleased with these. Great for kids' projects and small art, especially if you want to practice. A lot of 'tooth' to them.As a Prime member, I buy a LOT of stuff from amazon. Living out in a rural area far from a city, amazon is my go-to source for many of my purchases. I must rely heavily on your product reviews to help me decide which item is best for me -- especially when I can't actually see, touch or hold the product.I take my personal product reviews seriously, and if something proves to be a piece of junk, I'll tell you - and if it's great or mediocre, I'll tell you that, too. My policy is to try to write the kind of reviews I want to read and to update my reviews if for some reason the product fails to perform as advertised during the period it's warrantied for. I do ask that if you found this review helpful in making your decision, that you please click on the "yes" button below.
In the beginning I wasn't sure if the canvases were big enough for what we were trying to do but it turned out nice ! I'm used to bigger canvases but we had a great time doing family paint night! My mom enjoyed herself for her birthday and now we all have a new piece to add to our collections! My baby even painted a picture and thinks she will paint one every day ! 😂🤦🏾‍♀️🎨. Its very therapeutic and I reccomend these to anyone looking for a way to creatively let go and just have some fun
Used for my 7year old daughters art themed birthday party. I drew a large cupcake on it and had the kids paint it. It is thin enough to fit in a frame. But sturdy enough material and thick enough edges to withstand children's play. They loved it and it doubled as the souvenir/gift to take home.

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