DIY: Bookmarks & Watercolor Techniques for Beginners Part 2 | Watercolor DIY | How To Make Bookmarks

Watch this video, DIY: Bookmarks & Watercolor Techniques for Beginners Part 2 | Watercolor DIY | How To Make Bookmarks. You can also create superb paintings if you practice watercolor techniques using Watercolor Painting items given below.

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  4. Watercolor Paint Set
  5. Watercolor Paper Cold Press With Over 200 Gsm
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Details of DIY: Bookmarks & Watercolor Techniques for Beginners Part 2 | Watercolor DIY | How To Make Bookmarks

DIY: Bookmarks & Watercolor Techniques for Beginners Part 2 | Watercolor DIY | How To Make Bookmarks

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Hey guys! I have another video about DIY Bookmarks & Watercolor DIY Techniques for Beginners Part 2! Perfect for book lovers & for Back to School! I will show you how to make Watercolor Bookmarks using different Watercolor Painting Techniques & Watercolor Hacks to keep this Watercolor Tutorial easy! ?Thumbs up for more easy painting videos!
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In this DIY Bookmark video I will show you another 6 DIY watercolor bookmark design ideas using different watercolor techniques & watercolor hacks such as different stencils, masking fluid alternatives, acrylic paint, glazing, lifting, wax resist / crayons, bubble wrap & more to create beautiful abstract & unique DIY watercolor paintings as bookmarks!
#1 Lifting technique
For the first watercolor technique you will need watercolors, tissue paper and a coin or a pen! You can basically use any object with a flat surface. Load up your wet brush with paint and apply it over the wet area. This technique is called wet on wet or wet in wet. It is great to great dreamy and loose transitions between colours. Wrap the tissue paper around your coin so the tissue is flat and then press it down and lift it. And you should get a paint free area!
#2 Glazing
The next watercolor technique is great to adjust the tone and colours of your watercolor painting. Apply a thin layer of paint over the dry layer of watercolor paint. Here I used yellow colored paint to add warmth to the painting!
#3 Stencils
Stencils are another great way to create unique watercolor paintings. You can use the lifting technique and a stencil or acrylic paint that you dab over the stencil by using a sponge brush or a brush. If you use the lifting technique, take a clean wet brush and make several brush strokes over the area where you want to lift the watercolor. Wipe the watercolor from your brush onto a dampened tissue paper and repeat the step. You can also dab on the tissue and lift some of the paint to remove and lift more paint, rinse off your brush again and repeat the steps. This technique is great for removing any watercolor mistakes, making the colour lighter or for interesting designs!
#4 Bubble wrap
For the next technique you will need bubble wrap! Apply some paint in the colours of your choice using a wet brush and then place the bubble wrap on top. Carefully press it down and let it completely dry. When it’s completely dry, you can peel it off and you get a unique pattern!
#5 Wax resistant
Using crayons for watercolor paintings is another great idea to create unique designs. It’s another alternative to masking fluid! Draw a pattern or letters and then reveal the design by applying watercolor on top!
#6 Layering
The next technique is all about layering. Since watercolor is naturally rather transparent, you can play around with the opacity by layering different colours. Here I created different coloured circles by using bright colours that I mixed with lots of water to get a bright layer of paint!
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