FREE-TO-VIEW Feature : Masterworks watercolour painting by Paul Taggart – ‘Over The Sea’

FREE-TO-VIEW Feature : Masterworks watercolour painting by Paul Taggart – ‘Over The Sea’

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“Over The Sea” commissioned Masterworks watercolour painting by Artist, Author, Presenter, Producer – Paul Taggart

“This watercolour painting was commissioned as a significant gift for someone with deep-rooted childhood memories of this expansive view in the Isle of Skye, off the west coast of Scotland.

To evoke such memories many years later is quite a responsibility and I was determined not to disappoint.

As I stood side-by-side with the client surveying this breathtaking scene, he recounted his childhood days spent on the family croft. Of walking down by the water’s edge, the sunlit days, the vivid colours in his mind’s eye. The blue reflected sea, the rays of light in the sky, the glow of bright green grass against the dark waters of the sea and the bright pinpoints of distant sheep dotting the landscape.

I made some notes of all these elements with the intention of incorporating them into the painting and produced some preliminary jottings in my sketchbook.

Back in the studio I subsequently produced a full scale cartoon – a drawing in graphite of the proposed composition.”

This video takes viewers from start-to-finish through the principle stages of the painting, showing its development from initial sketches through to the finished painting and subsequently published Limited Edition Print, available exclusively to Paul Taggart’s Private and Print Collectors.

For further information on Paul Taggart and to see more of his original paintings please visit his main website

Underlying music track reproduced by very kind permission of Bruce MacGregor, Highland Fiddler, founder of Blazin’ Fiddles and BBC Radio Presenter.

Featuring Track 2 from Bruce MacGregor’s CD ‘Loch Ness’ – entitled “The Road to Skye”….. available from

Thank you for watching and best wishes from,

Paul W. Taggart and Eileen M. Tunnell