Full Depth Round Cylinder Pot, Black, 6-Inch 2 Pack

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  • Deep planting space promotes root growth to keep plants healthy
  • Built-in tray protects decks, patios, or indoor surfaces
  • Lightweight, sturdy plastic with a sleek glossy finish for a clean modern look
  • Made in the USA
  • 6.25" ⌀ x 5.8" H

User reviews

Listen, I have a lot of houseplants. I have so many plants that they get in the way & I had to build a greenhouse in the backyard to contain the jungle that at times feels like it’s suffocating me. At this point, I’m not sure if I’m in control or if the plants have fully taken over.With that being said, watering a can be difficult. Yeah, I could buy 258 plastic saucers to catch the water from my potted house plants, but then the plants quickly grown roots into the saucer and they eventually trail out of the saucer and I swear on Miracle Grow that I woke up one night and the roots from my fern were around my neck trying to strangle me. So saucers are out of the question.Then I found these pots & boy have they been a lifesaver- literally. I just water them & the excess water is caught within the pot, draining it and eventually giving it room to evaporate. If you over water there’s a chance it will spill out from the bottom, but honestly sometimes it’s okay to make the plants uncomfortable wet just to put them in their place.Can’t recommend these enough, 10/10
I ordered a set of three, which all arrived together. Two of them are lovely and clean; the third is all scraped up, like it's been rolling around a warehouse for years.
I ultimately decided on these planters after realizing how expensive ceramic, cement, and terra-cotta ones were. They’re a little flimsier than I thought they would be, but hold up to my snake plant and majesty palm well. Their clean, simple design combined with price is what sold me. I also love the snap-on spill tray; you hardly notice it’s there.

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