Happy Days Ahead / #Stayhome and paint with me /Acrylic Painting tutorial

Watch and learn Happy Days Ahead / #Stayhome and paint with me /Acrylic Painting tutorial in this video. You can also create awesome painting if you practice using Acrylic and Watercolor Painting items given below.

Acrylic/Watercolor Painting Kits and Supplies you may need:

  1. Winsor & Newton Cotman Watercolor Paint Set
  2. Watercolor Palette With Bonus Paper
  3. Metallic Acrylic Painting Set For Artistic Finish
  4. Acrylic Paint Set For Beginners
  5. Acrylic Paint Set In Tube Form
  6. Canvas Boards For Painting
  7. Acrylic Paint Brushes With Nylon Hair
  8. Plastic Paint Tray Palettes For Student’S School Project Or Art Classes

Details of Happy Days Ahead / #Stayhome and paint with me /Acrylic Painting tutorial

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You can find the Traceables here :


Stretched canvas (10”/10”) :

Canvas board that I Often use( set of 4)

Acrylic Painting Paper :

Round Brush Set :

Flat Brush Set :

Acrylic Colours used in this painting are from liquitex and Camlin brand
you can use also try these :

Stencil Brushes :

Make up brush (Small) :
Make up brush (large) :

Colour Palette :

Small Table Top Easel( painting Stand )

Table Top EASEL Box :


Camlin tube acrylic colours

Fine Detailing Brush kit :

Mop Brush :

Gesso :

Zippered Brush Kit :

Large Flat Brush :

Fan Brush Kit :

Artist Kidney Shape Palette :

Pallete Knife (Plastic):

Pallete Knife (Metal) :

Varnish that I use :

Varnish Spray:

Acrylic Medium Gloss :

Studio EASEL stand :
❤️My Shooting Gears 🎥

Canon 200d
Canon 80d
Ring Light
Side Lights
Memory Cards 16,32,64 (I have 2 each , I would suggest you to buy from a retail shop than online )
Hard Disk

Till then dont forget to ‘ EXPLORE THE GOODNESS IN YOU ‘ and Enjoying Colouring……
Love & Peace ❤
Goodness in you
By Alika Bhatt

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