How to Draw a 3D City Map: A Bird’s Eye View

In this video learn How to Draw a 3D City Map: A Bird’s Eye View. Enjoy this video and master the fundamentals of Perspective Drawing with regular practice. Use the Drawing and Sketching supplies given below.

Perspective Drawing and Sketching Supplies you may need:

  1. Mixed Media Sketchbook And Drawing Pads
  2. Sketching And Drawing Art Pencil Kit
  3. Mix Media Paper Pad For Drawing And Painting
  4. Graphite Charcoal Pencils With Sketch Pad
  5. Graphite Charcoal Pencils Set For Artists
  6. Faber Castell Graphite Set For Sketching

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See a simple way to draw a Bird’s Eye View of a City in this pen drawing of a 3D map of a fantasy City. SUBSCRIBE for a new video each week: Watch Next: How to Draw Buildings:

How to Draw a 3D City Map Bird’s Eye View Step by Step:

1:To draw each building, you only need to draw the top of the roof!

2: Add some chimneys to give a feeling of scale

3: Add tone to one side of each roof, I use hatching and crosshatching; shading with parallel lines

4: The last step is to add dark shadows to one side of each building, these are important as they give the impression of the shape and size of the buildings.

For this drawing I just made the shapes up, as it was easier that way.

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