How to Draw a Hole on Line Paper: Simple Trick Art

In this video learn How to Draw a Hole on Line Paper: Simple Trick Art. Enjoy this video and master the fundamentals of Perspective Drawing with regular practice. Use the Drawing and Sketching supplies given below.

Perspective Drawing and Sketching Supplies you may need:

  1. Mixed Media Sketchbook And Drawing Pads
  2. Sketching And Drawing Art Pencil Kit
  3. Mix Media Paper Pad For Drawing And Painting
  4. Graphite Charcoal Pencils With Sketch Pad
  5. Graphite Charcoal Pencils Set For Artists
  6. Faber Castell Graphite Set For Sketching

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Circle Line Art School: Episode 239

How to Draw a Hole on Line Paper: Simple Art Trick

Step 1: Draw two vertical lines with a long gap in between, each vertical line is five lines high.

Step 2: Draw diagonal lines from each of the horizontal lines on the left vertical line, to the base of the rectangle.

Step 3: Erase the vertical line we drew on the left.

Step 4: Darken all the lines, make them as dark as possible.

Step 5: Shade in the right hand part of your rectangle, again as dark as you can.

Now look at your drawing from an angle and you should see a simple illusion of a hole in lines paper.

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