How to Draw a Simple Cat Face || Step By Step Tutorial

A great drawing and sketching Video for you from Farjana Drawing Academy. In this video, watch How to Draw a Simple Cat Face || Step By Step Tutorial

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Drawing and Sketching supplies you may need:

  1. Mixed Media Sketchbook And Drawing Pads
  2. Sketching And Drawing Art Pencil Kit
  3. Mix Media Paper Pad For Drawing And Painting
  4. Graphite Charcoal Pencils With Sketch Pad
  5. Graphite Charcoal Pencils Set For Artists
  6. Faber Castell Graphite Set For Sketching
  7. Colored And Graphite Pencils Set For Colorful Sketching

Details of How to Draw a Simple Cat Face || Step By Step Tutorial

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► Used things
1. DOMS ( ZOOM ULTIMATE DARK ) Pencil / 2B Pencil
2. Paper Name – Double A Offset paper
3. Pencil compass
4. White color pencil and White Gel Pen

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