Step 5 – Choosing an Acrylic Paint Brush

We are going to show you different types of paint brushes for acrylic painting. First of all we will start with a big one for example. This is for blending. This one here is what we call a flat and we use that to cover more paint on the backgrounds.

Step 6 – Types of Surfaces to Paint with Acrylics

We are going to show you different surfaces to paint on in acrylics. The first we can start with is the original canvas cloth with a spreader sticks. We also have a canvas panel. It is canvas glued on hard panel.

Step 7 – How to Prepare your Canvas to Paint

Today, we are going to show you how to prepare your canvas before you start painting. You can start for example and paint on a regular canvas. It makes it a little rough, but sometimes people like to paint that way.