PHOENIX Artist Painting Canvas Panels – 4×4 Inch / 12 Pack – Triple Primed Cotton Canvas Boards for Oil & Acrylic Painting

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  • 100 % COTTON CANVAS – Made from long-staple cotton with natural texture, higher tinting strength, and excellent touching sense. The cotton surface of the painting canvas doesn’t shrink and is stable in every dimension. The cotton canvas holds paints well and keeps the paints with their natural tones and glossiness.
  • RIGID BOARD SUPPORT - Made with paper boards which are smooth, firm and flat to mount primed cotton canvas. And will not curl up after being applied with paints. Each piece of painting panel has been strictly inspected to avoid stain, wrap or deformation.
  • TRIPLE PRIMED GESSO - 8 ounce gesso primed medium grain canvas keeps the painting surface ready to paint, collage, draw, sketch and illustrate with excellent tinting strength and does not crumble or crack. Suitable for all kinds of painting materials, e.g, oil, acrylic, watercolor, gouache, pastels, and tempera. Works especially great for oil and acrylic color to keep your paintings bright and glossy. Safe AP and CE verified certifications.
  • INDIVIDUALLY PACKED –Every other canvas is vacuum packed. Lightweight and easy to store and carry. Applied to create festival/party ornaments, centerpieces, kids crafting, miniatures, theme paintings, table place cards, hobby projects, and other decorative paintings. Perfect for creating desktop inspiration, themed visual library, clip-style collage, tabletop easel, and shelf display.
  • SPECIFICATIONS – Canvas size: 4x4 Inch/12 Pack. Cotton surface unprimed weight - 4 oz. & primed weight – 8 oz. Canvas Thickness: 4 mm. Ideal for kids, students, adults, beginners as well as professionals with different painting levels. While offering the same quality surface as stretched canvases, they are more affordable alternatives for experiments and practice.

User reviews

If I could give a 0 I would! The dayi got them I used 4 of them. While my paintings were drying I took the kids to the fair. When we got back all the sides of the canvases had curled up and all the time,AND PAINT was ruined!
Poor quality, unless was shipped wrong ones, not individually wrapped corners bent and chipped, canvas is not stretched to frame and they have gaps between canvas and board.
These are absolutely amazing. I used acrylic paint and was able to blend the colors on really well.

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