ROYAL BRUSH RFOMW-4P Foam Brush, 4-Pack

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  • Royal Brush Foam Brushes- Package contains 4 1” foam brushes
  • Disposable brushes to use with paints, stains, and varnishes
  • Not recommended for use with lacquer or shellac

User reviews

This is going to sound weird, but I bought these for my instant pot. They are the perfect size for cleaning the groove between the pot and lid.
After a ton of research I bought this product specifically for the purpose of sealing diamond paintings. Since I'm covering a wide surface, I use the foam brush for application. Because diamond painting have different heights between the gems and the canvas, sealing is a two step process. First, I dip the foam brush in the super gloss and paint on the diamonds. Then I come back with the squeezed out foam brush and sop up the pools of extra product that sits between the diamonds and the canvas. I then wash out the foam brush and let dry between paintings. I've used the same brush for four paintings and it is still in great shape. Excellent value.
Price was right and the handles are wood, something I was particularly looking for. The sponges are sturdy and don't work their way off the handle, a problem I've had with cheaper brushes with plastic tips that hold the sponges in place.

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