SO SATISFYING Acrylic Pouring With 4 Cups Stunning Fluid Art

Watch this SO SATISFYING Acrylic Pouring With 4 Cups Stunning Fluid Art video. You can create a stunning masterpiece of your own using these Acrylic Pour Painting techniques.

Acrylic Pour Painting Kits and Supplies you may need:

  1. Acrylic Pouring Paint Set
  2. Pouring Acrylic Paint Set For Kids
  3. Acrylic Gloss Pouring Medium
  4. Painting Spatula And Palette Knives Set – Stainless Steel
  5. Pouring Painting Strainers Set For Amazing Patterns
  6. Stretched White Canvas For Painting

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Friends, if you’re interested in experimenting with acrylic pouring, you should know that the paint we use in our satisfying fluid art projects is acrylic paint, mixed with floetrol and water. Here are the proportions:
1 oz of acrylic paint
1,5 oz of floetrol
1 oz of water
At the end, we used a silicone spray to form the tiny cells. What do you thing about this acrylic pouring method? Got a suggestion on what we should make next? Share your thoughts below!
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