Sorillo Brands 14 inch A Frame Wooden Easel (14 inch, Wood – 1 Easel)

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  • One 14" A frame wooden easel
  • Adjustable legs have a catch string for stability
  • Holds artwork up to 14" high
  • Hand crafted from pine
  • Great for on the go artists & beginners

User reviews

This is all is fairly simple. No extra bits no complicated pieces just exactly what you see.For those who are more craft-oriented: a nice soft wood is being used. You can Whittle or engrave as you wish in order to personalize your easel. Despite looking rather fragile to the eye it's actually a very strong product. In addition, the wood is soft and pulpy ready and willing to take all kinds of stains, dies, and paints.
Really great for being very inexpensive. I like that it collapses flat for storage and is lightweight. It feels sturdy when I’m painting. My only complaint is that the back is not quite tall enough—sometimes I want to paint on slightly larger canvases.
It's a little small but I got it for my young niece who usually sits at the table to paint. The easel fits nicely on the table and holds up really well.

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