Spray Matte Finish 6oz Acrylic Sealer, 2.08 x 0.67 x 7 inches

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  • 2.08 x 0.67 x 7 inches
  • Spray Matte Finish 6oz Acrylic Sealer

User reviews

I don’t think the smell was any worse than similar projects. It gave my projects a nice smooth shiny finish! You definitely have to let it dry all the way in cool dry air before you touch it! 🙂
Does just what it's supposed to.Pros: I used this sealer on a pair of motorcycle boots I painted on and it sprayed evenly, dried quickly, and makes the colors really pop. I did 3 layers over the course of 2 days to allow it to fully dry. It dried with a clear, bright shine. When looking at my pictures, note I only sprayed this sealer on the painted areas of the boot, not the rest of it.Cons: The smell was a bit strong even though I was outside at the time, and there was a sight breeze. My neighbor 2 doors over actually came to check on me because of it, and they were downwind of me. So if you're going to use this, don't do it indoors or in a small space. Try to be outside or at the very least, have a fan on or something. If you're rather sensitive to paint or chemical smells, you would benefit from a painter's mask with a filter.Overall, I'm pleased with this product and will use it on a few other craft ideas and projects I'm working on.
I do rock painting. At first, I tried clear spray paint because others were doing that. Only to find out that the clear spray paint was washing off. I'm glad I found This! This works wonders in keeping those paintings on the rocks so no more wash away

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