Step 10 – Controlling Opacity & Brightness when Painting with Acrylics

Today we are going to show how to make paints opaque and also how to brighten colors. We are going to start here with a plate of again, our basic primary colors and another item that you can use to make them opaque is a Gesso, a thicker Gesso and another color, some colors that you use will actually be opaque when you buy them

For example the yellow ochers are great blending opaque paint, now we are going to open it up, as you can tell sometimes they stick, so it is a good thing to get a pair of pliers for for your kit.

Another thing you can do to keep all your supplies together is to get a little fishing box or little box that you can put your paints and brushes in. I will put some of this yellow ocher over here.

As we were talking about in the other segment we can use water to activate the paint, they are also safe. Most Acrylic paints are safe, which are different than the oil paints where you get into the solvents. When you are going to brighten a color for example, lets say example red you paint one layer and then when you want it to be brighter you are doing red roses, you have to layer up. You let him dry and add another layer of red, let it dry again and add another layer and each layer that you add will make the paint brighter.

It works with blues, yellows or any color you use. Now, if you wanted to make a color for example green be a little not so translucent where you can see through, but what you cannot do is someone see as you do washes is to add some of the Gesso to your paint… green. It lines it up too, but it also covers and we will show you here over the red.

See it covers a little bit more, we added a little bit more to it and your green and it covers even more as you can see. Another one for example I will show you is your opaque colors like a yellow ocher, you can paint right over it and it covers too, but it also blends easier. If you wanted to you can add a little gesso with it to make it lighter and then cover over it, it covers right over the oranges.

Some of the darker ones you may have to add another layer to get it, but it covers a lot more than most of them and that is with white and without, you can see too, see it covers a lot of the lighter colors. Some of the items for you paintbrushes that I want to cover too are your brush areas.

You want to buy a brush that is used for a acrylics or oil like a ?? (255) or synthetic. You don’t have to get a regular hairbrush, which are much more expensive. These work much better and once they wear out you can throw them away and get another one. You have your, which has this kind of brush, the round ones, your brighten shaders, which are the flat top brushes and your rounds and liners.

Source : Expert Village