Step 8 – How to Create a Color Palette with Acrylic Paints

Today we are going to show a beginning palette to start with. If you like you can add to this afterwards, okay. To get started for example we are going to start with titanium white.

If you also notice that we use different brands, you can mix them there is no problem with that. This is a nice way to start with. The next one will be Mars black, the next one after than would be Cadmium red and another will be Cadmium yellow, a nice mixable yellow also is a yellow ocher.

The next one after that would be a burnt amber and here I give you a choice of blues, for me I would like to use an ultra marine blue and Persian blue, another one is a purple or a violet and the next one is a hookers green or anything that looks like this type of green a dark green and the last one would be Cadmium orange.

Source : Expert Village