U.S. Art Supply 63″ High Steel Easy Folding Display Easel – Quick Set-Up, Instantly Collapses, Adjustable Height Display Holders – Portable Tripod Stand, Presentations, Signs, Posters, Holds 5 lbs

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  • Easel Dimensions: 36" max leg width by 30" max leg depth by 63" high. The tripod legs have non-skid rubber feet that provide added stability on floors and also protect tabletop surfaces.


  • A premium quality large 63" high black steel folding display easel stand that's quick and easy to set-up, and it also instantly collapses down to a compact 15" in size and weights less than 3 pounds, making it the perfect portable travel easel.
  • This artists tripod display easel is made with premium quality reinforced lightweight tubular steel metal for extra stability and has a durable modern gloss black powder coated finish. The legs instantly lock into place when they are fully expanded, but their height is not adjustable.
  • The easels adjustable-height display holder arms can be locked into your desired customized position anywhere across the height of the 63" easel and the holder arms allow you to securely display items up to 5 pounds in weight.
  • It's an ideal display easel for trade shows, office presentations, event and store signs, poster and dry erase boards and other lightweight art and boards. This display easel is frequently used at weddings, art exhibitions and shopping malls for promotions.
  • Easel Dimensions: 36" max leg width by 30" max leg depth by 63" high. The tripod legs have non-skid rubber feet that provide added stability on floors and also protect tabletop surfaces.

User reviews

Worked out perfectly to hold up a welcome sign at my wedding! It seems slightly unstable, but I loved that it wasn't bulky like my other easel. And this one folded up super easy, and was nice and compact compared to the other one too. The plastic clips on it are movable, which made it easy to change out differently sizes signs and not have them look weird by being too high or too low. It traveled to the beach with me and back to Kentucky for the reception.
I do a lot of events and kept borrowing easels when I would need them. I finally decided to purchase a couple of these to keep on hand. They fold up GREAT and don't take up much room at all. I wouldn't trust them for an outdoor event unless there is not a breeze whatsoever as they aren't very sturdy, but they get the job done for indoors! I only had foam board signs on them too so it was not very heavy. I wouldn't recommend for a heavier picture.
I suppose this was a fair easel for the price, however if you want something sturdier, I would recommend a solid wood or heavier easel. Would really only be useful if you have a light hand and go easy. Due to the lightweight I was able to carry this easel and a light canvas several treacherous miles through the back woods of the blue ridge mountains in Virginia, where I set out to paint the forest from within. It took 3 days to find the right spot and when I did, I found more than I had set out for. I found beauty in the single fallen yellow leaf. It lay there among the others as natural as a stream runoff from a distant waterfall, and as common as a blade of grass in an old farmers afternoon field. Although time had worked the leaf from its former green to a sunlit yellow, it remained soft and held on to life. There I saw my own fate reflected back to me. A man in later years of life, past the time of growth and edging ever closer to the ends of my physical existence. This fallen bit of color now only temporarily separated from the tree that gave it life and nurtured it through roots fed by the forest floor. Now only to return to the ground and give new life to more of the same. So too, does the old man return to where he began this endless journey. And there I sat aware of my spirit within the woods.

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