UNDER CONSTRUCTION bodypainting illusion – Kika Studio

Watch Step by Step Body Painting video from Kika Studio, the talented makeup artist from Serbia named Mirjana Milosevic. She creates amazing body paint illusions and has won several accolades. In this video learn the technique to make UNDER CONSTRUCTION bodypainting illusion. You can also create magnificent body and face painting patterns and designs if you practice these techniques using Body Painting Supplies mentioned below.


Step by Step Body Painting Kits and Supplies you may need:

  1. Athena Face Body Paint Kit
  2. Blue Squid Face Paint Kit
  3. Neon Body Painting Set
  4. Moonglow UV Body Paint
  5. Body and Face Painting Stencils Kit
  6. Body Paint Brushes And Sponges
  7. Mehron Makeup Setting Powder
  8. Mehron Makeup CreamBlend

Details of UNDER CONSTRUCTION bodypainting illusion

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