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How to draw a scenery of winter season step by step (very easy)

  1. Dream Fairy says

    apu thanks a lot of you. for accepted my requested. keep it all time and anywhere. May Allah bless you.

    ar liberation War it's mean muktijhudder ekta drawing. OK☺💜👍 now ✋ bye

  2. fatema bipa says

    jhapsa apu,😫😫😫😫

  3. Dream Fairy says

    please, reply my comment for a good compliment! 😍

  4. fatema bipa says

    ami summer er pic Ta akchi,

  5. Sajahan Royal says

    Appi tomar sob pic acahi 💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💜💋💋💋💋

  6. fatema bipa says

    কাল এটা আকব ইন শা আল্লাহ

  7. Mujahid Hasan says

    apu, you are really a great artist. keep it up. I want to know your pencil name & colour?

  8. Ononto Drawing Academy says

    Apu 1 ta Question picture art Korar SomoY camera Ta upore ki Vabe Rakhen?

  9. Niger Sultana says

    ectu easy koro Apu please

  10. Niger Sultana says

    amar boyosh to matro 11 so ectu easy for me

  11. Husain Awad says

    Simple and wonderful big like 👍☆♡

  12. shafin fahim says

    I got a great help

  13. Travelars Mother says

    pastel colour diye kora jabe??????

  14. Nasrin Jahan says

    api apni ki ki colour use koren???ektu bolben!!!!

  15. Karima Fida says

    auntie eta ki oil pastel diye kora jabe?

  16. nazmus sakib says


  17. artisfun says

    farzana nice but for showing winter you should have made people wearing woolen clothes i guess n people getting warm with fire near street ..that would be better

  18. Israt Ela says


  19. Don't Be Sad (drawing channel ) sketching and watercolor says


  20. Naima binty kashem says

    I am not believeing

  21. Munawar Hussain says

    nice video

  22. Munawar Hussain says

    it is very nice video. i like this drawing too much. because of this drawing i got first prize in drawing competition. thanks you. thank you very much. you are the best artist and drawer. you are too nice. your drawings are wonderful and so beautiful and so neat. thank you for helping me in my drawings. and my drawing skills. i got interest in your drawing. thank you for guiding me in drawing. thank you for teaching me beautiful and neat drawing. too nice awesome drawings you do. i like your village scenery. you can even draw man faces like bahubali and many more. i like to draw faces. you helped me too much in my drawing. you all drawings i drew and my drawing is stick in my school. thank you and regards

  23. Amrita singh says

    Nice 👌

  24. Arif Mondal says

    your the best drawer. I like your drawing 😊😊🎨🎨

  25. ABU NASIR says


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