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How to draw scenery of rural life

  1. mili dutta says

    I love drawing

  2. mili dutta says

    it is excellent

  3. jao lay says


  4. Srinivas Kaasa says


  5. mili dutta says


  6. Avinash Chintu says

    what a drawing

  7. Arbaz Azmi says

    very nice

  8. vedanth r says

    so cute Nice

  9. Rikto 55 says

    Apni khob valo printing koren. anoke sondor.

  10. Reema Reema says

    waw…. amazing ,creative….. i loved it so… sweet . i'm trying it im sure it will come better inshallah……

  11. Rikto 55 says

    Ami apnar khob fan hoia gesi

  12. RIPA AKTER says

    really amazing drawing

  13. Supriyo Mal says

    Very nice

  14. Manju Chouhan says

    what is the brand of your colour pencil

  15. Gopinath Hazari says

    beautiful drawing

  16. Alisha Shah says

    v v beautiful

  17. Rimpa Saha says


  18. MD ISLAM says

    Really awesome!! Maashaallah

  19. Jhuma Das says


  20. Sona Mondal says


  21. MYSTERY BOX says

    apu apner channel all the best

  22. Darakhsha Baig says

    your painting is very nice.sir my son age 10 years and he is very good in study but in drawing he is very poor so please tell me how to teach drawing my son steps by step I send him for drawing class but still he was unable to make curve and small thing so please guide me how I teach my son drawing

  23. Rtr Tomal says

    Owao Osadharon

  24. Pompi Saikia says


  25. Momena Bristi says

    what is your colour name

  26. Momena Bristi says

    so nice drawing i love it

  27. Akash Khan says

    wow… Awesome

  28. samar kumar naskar says

    Amar daughter tomar drawing kub like Kore.😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃😃

  29. Aminul Islam says


  30. Sumitra Patel says

    i love it …… so nice

  31. technical guru ji says

    please draw indian actor aditya pancholi


    good drawing bullcart is wrongly drawn. there is no any rope or other many things. otherwise nice one

  33. nafis sultana says

    ato sundor

  34. Easy drawing for kids says


  35. Mobarok Mobarok says

    I like its ♥

  36. technical guru ji says

    plese draw lion………only (without background)

  37. Muznah Al Yafai says

    very nice drawing 👍

  38. somnath photography says

    excellent art really lovely

  39. sadia afrin says


  40. Sample Test says

    Very nice and beautiful 👍😊

  41. Kashif Naqvi says

    i love it amazingly awsome 😍😚

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